What is the SVN Difference?

admin  /   May 4, 2022

What is the SVN Difference?

The SVN Difference in Focus

As a collaborative force, together we are bigger, we are more powerful and to put it simply, we secure better outcomes for our clients.

This is our SharedValueNetwork and that is the SVN Difference.

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Clients list with brokers who don’t cooperate. They leave money on the table. Why would anyone do that? Unfortunately, they did every day. For years, the care industry has operated with little or no brokerage cooperation, especially when it comes to fishing, making it one of the most segmented, fragmented and broken marketplaces in existence.

In approximately 85% of commercial real estate transactions. Listing brokers do not market at all to other brokers missing all those relationships. This makes zero sense considering that approximately two thirds of buyers come from out of state and more and more are coming from outside of the country. Clearly, no one broker could possibly identify every potential buyer. This independent and reckless mindset reduces competition generates fewer offers and leads to below market sale prices. While that’s great for the buyers, the sellers are paying a steep price for this dysfunction. SVN surveyed over 15,000 transactions and on average sales transactions that benefited from cooperative brokerage sold for an average of 9.6%. More. That’s like adding nearly 300,000 to a $3 million sale.

So why don’t all brokers cooperate? Because listing brokers make more money when representing both the buyer and seller. This is not the way free markets are supposed to function. At SVN. We believe that achieving the highest and best price is our clients, right? This is why we proactively promote properties and share fees equally with outside brokers. That’s not only our business model, it’s our culture. Let’s face reality, as the commercial real estate industry modernizes becoming more informed and more efficient. We need to do things differently. And at SVN, we’re leading that charge. It all comes down to our belief and the strength of working together.

As a collaborative force. We are bigger, we are more powerful. To put it simply, we secure better outcomes for our clients. This is our shared value network. Just one of the many ways that SVN advisors are accelerating innovation in proof and driving outsize success for our clients, colleagues and our communities.

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