How A Regional Florida Commercial Real Estate Firm Can Benefit You

admin  /   January 5, 2018

How A Regional Florida Commercial Real Estate Firm Can Benefit You

How A Regional Florida Commercial Real Estate Firm Can Benefit You

A local firm with a regional, and even national, scope is what you should look for when seeking out commercial real estate companies.

From the outside looking in many people believe that commercial real estate companies are fairly similar in the services that they offer. While many commercial real estate firms have the common goal of serving their clients’ needs to the absolute best of their ability, the fact of the matter is that some firms are much better positioned to do so than others.  Working with a local firm that possesses a regional, and even a national reach can be of great benefit to all parties involved.

How A Regional Florida Commercial Real Estate Firm Can Benefit You

What does it mean for a commercial real estate company to possess local knowledge, have a regional scope, and hold a national reach?

Local Knowledge

For any commercial real estate company, staying ahead of the competition and possessing expert local market knowledge is crucial.  Obtaining expert local knowledge requires countless hours of involvement in the community and doing your homework. Becoming a local expert is not just a job or something you do in your spare time, it’s a lifestyle. True local market experts have a vast knowledge of market trends, property value, property history, future developments, and on down the list.  At SVN Southland we consider ourselves to be local experts in our “sweet spot” ranging from Mobile, Alabama to Tallahassee, Florida.  To increase their market presence many of our brokers specialize in a specific property type. As a result, collectively, our brokers are extremely well informed on all aspects of commercial real estate in our market. I heard a story about a gentleman who decided to specialize in selling and leasing industrial properties over 10,000 square feet. He decided to contact all of the property owners in a 50-mile radius that fit that criteria. He formed a relationship with each of those property owners, and he knew the property value, property history, and the long-term plans of each and every one of those property owners. If the property was being leased, he also knew about the lease that was in place and when that lease was set to expire. That truly represents specialized expert local knowledge!

Regional Scope

While we at SVN Southland consider our farm area to be from Mobile to Tallahasse, our regional scope reaches far beyond this. As a real estate company, having a regional scope means to have an understanding of the various markets, trends, and developments that are occurring in your region. Staying ahead of the competition in terms of regional scope knowledge and attending the regional conferences to obtain the necessary regional interpersonal relationships will greatly benefit the clients we serve.  At SVN Southland our regional scope and staying ahead of the competition is extremely important to us. Whether we are working with a developer who is representing a national tenant across the Southeast requiring help on-site selection, or representing a landlord of a retail strip center leasing out space to tenants, having regional scope and the necessary relationships with the regional real estate managers who represent those tenants is extremely important. In recent news, many U.S. cities are anxiously awaiting Amazon’s decision on which city it will pick to become their second headquarters. It is known that the city that wins this bid will welcome over 50,000 new high-paying jobs and over $5 billion deployed into the economy.  Atlanta is one of the five “most likely” cities being considered. Understanding the ripple effect on new development projects and increase commercial property value from the huge boost Amazon will bring to the economy in Atlanta and across the Southeast is what I like to call regional scope knowledge.

National Reach

Possibly one of the greatest benefits to working with a company such as SVN is our national reach. SVN is fortunate enough to be able to leverage our 200+ offices across the United States to help better serve our clients. SVN CEO Kevin Maggiacomo has made the 9.6% rule widely known throughout the brokerage community. The 9.6% rule is as simple as it sounds, “9.6%, is what is costs property owners on average, to work with brokers who do not cooperate with the rest of the brokerage community”. With over 65% of commercial real estate buyers coming from out of market it is impossible for a broker who does not possess a national reach to adequately promote a property. With the marketing tools we have in place we have the ability to take properties and effectively present them to qualified buyers/investors across the entire country. Working with a commercial real estate company who has national recognition and national reach is essential. SVN’s 9.6% Report


Working with SVN Southland Commercial Real Estate can significantly benefit you. As a firm, we possess all of the characteristics that you should look for in a commercial real estate company. Our brokers are local experts, with regional scope, and national reach. With over 30 brokers at SVN Southland, and our 200+ SVN offices across the country, we are here to help you with all aspects of your commercial real estate needs. We take great pride in providing the absolute best-in-class client service. Reach out to us by viewing our listings at, or by calling the office at 850.434.7500


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