What is Commercial Land?

The three great factors in economic development are Land, Labor and Capital. Of these, commercial land is the most universal, yet often taken for granted. It underlies every project, no matter the type of property or use being developed above it or within it. Think of a typical drive you may take about the community where you live; what do you see?

  • Retail Land – supporting shopping centers, street-front shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Office Land – with buildings of various sizes, hospital and health care offices.
  • Industrial Land – with factories and warehouses, manufacturing, storing and distributing everything we consume.
  • Residential Land – with rental units, condos and single family housing.
  • Hospitality Land – with hotels, motels and other lodging establishments.
  • Recreational Land – with golf facilities, resorts and natural trails in national preserves.
  • Apparently Vacant Land – which have power lines, water canals and other utility easements, or are available for any new development above.

Making Commercial Land Decisions

Given its importance and frequent scarcity in areas of greater development, you should be aware of a host of decision information that our Advisors are trained to provide and interpret with you

Land Use & Zoning – define how communities use their land within their governmental boundaries. Demographics – describe and quantify the many ways that population and economic data can be analyzed to determine the suitability and potential profitability for the many uses possible.
Path of Growth – is the analytical determination of which directions in a metropolitan area that new development is headed, causing some Commercial Land to gain value and others to lose value.
Competition – is all about “who” is buying “which” nearby Commercial Land for “what” purpose. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a project that is too late or adds too much capacity to your target market.
Capital – is the amount, cost and likelihood that you will qualify to borrow funds you may need for the commercial land purchase AND the project you want to create.
Of course, all of these factors are just as meaningful for a Seller in pricing a parcel for sale as they are to the buyer/developer making the offer.

How Can Our Advisors Help You?

Buying, owning and selling any commercial land should be a rational process.

  • What amount of equity (cash) do you have and what degree of risk are you willing to take?
  • How much effort do you want to expend undertaking this project versus its potential yield?
  • Who are the buyers and sellers already active in your targeted market(s)?
  • What are the “metrics” of each property and how do they compare?

Our Advisors assess all these and more as a normal service to our clients. Speak to one today.

If you are looking for space outside the northwest Florida markets, you can visit our corporate website. There, you will find all the commercial land listings provided through SVN nationally.

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