What is Industrial Space?

Industrial space is real estate that is primarily used for the manufacturing, production, assembly and the distribution of goods that is performed either in a warehouse, factory or a plant. Most Industrial properties are generally present wherever you can find an industrial setting, such as an industrial commerce park that hosts warehouses, garages and distribution centers. Industry is the driving manufacturing force that provides retail stores, malls and shops with the products they sell. Industrial space, including the building and the land, is usually owned by an investor. The investor will then lease the space and collects rent from a tenant, with whatever type business the tenant is operating there, in that location.

What type of client am I: Investor or Tenant?

If you are in need of office space or a warehouse building so you can expand, downsize or open a new business, then you are looking for space as a tenant. If you are looking for a property to purchase, commercial real estate can offer an assortment of investment purchasing possibilities. When looking for the “right place” to rent, or when looking for an industrial property to invest in, it is important to educate yourself or seek professional counsel. Know who you are and what you’re looking for.

How Can Our Team Help You?

We understand investing in real estate requires a lot of capital! Not to mention the required extensive knowledge that your real estate representative should bring to the table, along with guidance to steer you in the right legal and financial direction to meet your specific goals. Our team has this extensive knowledge and a successful track record to make your goal achievable. Whether your goal is development or the buying and selling of commercial real estate or industrial related success, our team is ready to help you be successful with whatever it is.

If you are looking for space outside the northwest Florida markets, you can visit our corporate website. There, you will find all the commercial industrial space listings provided through SVN on a national level.

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