What is Commercial Development?

Often times, commercial real estate buyers purchase raw land to build something on it (develop it) or purchase land with structures to tear down in order to build something new or different on it (re-develop it). Both of these cases would be classified as commercial development. The specialized buyers may be developing anything allowed by the current zoning. Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial use, or they may be seeking to rezone the property in due diligence for the desired use. Developers may be developing the site for their own use (owner occupied) or for resale or lease. Many times buyers are first time developers and don’t realize the role they have taken on.

What are Your Development Needs?

Whether you are an experienced or a first time developer, if you fit in this buyer category, you have a specialized need when identifying property, evaluating it to make an offer based on a proforma and in due diligence when moving to close. It can frequently involve communications with municipal regulators, bankers, builders, engineers, etc. Frequently, it involves a dual negotiation related to the purchase of the property and the resale or lease of the property to an end user. If you are a seller of a property that may have a higher best use that requires development, you have a specialized need to help you position that property for potential developers to quickly and clearly understand the opportunity, which may increase property value.

How Can Our Team Help You?

Our team is full of experienced and successful developers in residential, commercial and industrial segments that can help guide our clients through the process of buying or selling for commercial development. Even experienced developers benefit from working with a team that understands their needs intuitively. The ultimate goal is to provide value for our clients in helping them achieve their goals.

If you are looking for development opportunities outside the northwest Florida markets, you can visit our corporate website. There, you will find all the development listings provided through SVN on a national level.

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