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  • Finding a Building For Sale: The Experts Matter

    Trying to Find a Building For Sale? Follow These Tips: Finding a building for sale that meets the needs of your individual business can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  One of the first things I advise my friends and clients is to start with the end in mind.  This means […]

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  • Selling A New Business

    sell business

    Show the Value of Your New Business The biggest problem with selling a new business is that there is usually no track record upon which to base a valuation.  A new business can be defined as one that has been in existence for less than three years.  To sell a business without a substantial track […]

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  • Keep Calm and Pay Your Rent: What To Do When Your Landlord Sells


    Keep Calm and Pay Your Rent So what happens when your landlord sells the building you rent space in? Will you have to move out? The short answer is “probably not, but maybe.” Before you pack your bags, read your lease. Chances are, you won’t even know you have a new landlord – aside from […]

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  • First 3 Things to Consider When Selling a Restaurant

    selling a restaurant

    Your life’s work is a piece of art. A culmination of years of passion, labor and tears. It started as a blank canvas and has become a masterpiece for many to enjoy. No, I’m not talking about a Picasso. I’m talking about your restaurant. You are at the point of your life where you would like […]

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  • Methods for Valuing a Business: Part 4 – The Capitalization of Current Net Earnings Valuation

    Capitalization of Current Net Earnings Valuation

    What is the Capitalization of Current Net Earnings Valuation? We are now down to our final method for valuing a business.  The capitalization of current net earnings valuation (CAP).  This approach in valuing your business is based on what the company has proven it can earn.  Of course, there is a “future” factor here as […]

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  • Methods For Valuing A Business: Part 3 – The Present Value of Future Earnings Valuation


    Two Types of Income Based Valuations In parts 1 & 2, I broke down the four methods of business valuations and defined the two asset based valuation methods. The final two valuation procedures fall under the category of income based valuations. For most potential buyers of your business, especially financial buyers, the value will be […]

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  • Methods for Valuing a Business: Part 2 – The Market Comparison Valuation

    market comparison

    A Quick Look at the Methods for Valuing a Business In my previous blog, I started the discussion of the different ways to value a privately-owned and closely-held business.  I outlined that there are only two basic approaches that are the basis for all traditional valuation procedures; the valuation of assets and the return on […]

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  • Methods For Valuing A Business: Part 1 – Understanding the Asset Based Valuation

    asset based valuation

    Although there are many different ways of valuing a privately-owned and closely-held business, there are only two basic approaches that are the basis for all traditional valuation procedures: the valuation of assets and the return on investment. These further break down into four fundamental methods. Each method is important for estimating the value of your business, […]

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  • How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Income-Producing Property

    income-producing property

    Many people understand a lot of the common sense steps to take prior to listing their home for sale – keeping the yard neatly landscaped, removing clutter, touching up paint, and so on. The vast majority of these same concepts that enhance the curb appeal also apply when selling an income-producing property, such as retail, […]

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  • 8 Reasons for Valuing a Business

    Valuing a Business Plan

    Multiple Methods to Value a Business Many attempts have been made by appraisers, brokers, accountants, lawyers, and business writers to standardize the methods of valuing a business, but a significant diversity in approach still prevails. Many specialists, and various learned authorities, will try to sell you workbooks, computer software, and lately, interactive CD-ROMs to help […]

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  • Business Valuation … How it works

    business valuation calculator

    The greatest asset of a business is its moneymaking potential, therefore business brokers must know how to analyze financial statements provided by the owner and translate the results into estimates of value. This is known as a business valuation. Business brokers must be able to explain estimates to buyers and sellers. Brokers do not check or […]

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  • Potential Business Buyer Motivation

    qualified buyer motivation

    Before I get too far into giving you information about how to find high quality, profitable, operating businesses for sale, I want to do at least part of what I do with all new potential buyers that come to me. I obviously can’t determine your financial qualifications, but I want you to evaluate yourself relative to your ability to […]

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  • The Types of Business Buyers

    targeting business buyers

    Targeting Your Business Buyers Early in the sale process, you should very carefully consider the types of business buyers who may be interested in purchasing what you have to offer. Just as you would thoughtfully target a business marketing campaign to a specific customer base, you should also target the potential buyers of your business. This […]

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  • Why Sell Your Business?

    Selling your business to retire

    Why Some People Choose to Sell You have spent many years building your business, seeing it through good times and bad, making tough decisions that kept you up all night, and now you want to sell your business. Equally as important as preparing your business for sale is to understand why you want to sell your business. Here […]

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  • Selling Your Business 101

    selling your business

    Methods for Selling Your Business There are several different ways to sell your business. No matter what your preferences are, or which way it’s done, you will eventually sell your business. However, you owe it to yourself and your family to have a well-thought-out exit plan that will maximize the value you and/or your heirs […]

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  • Difficulties in Selling a Business Without a Business Broker

    business broker pensacola

    Reasons for a Business Broker Some business owners attempt to sell their businesses themselves, and they soon find that the sale of a business is prohibitively difficult to accomplish without a broker (or someone) acting as an intermediary for many of the following reasons: The seller often doesn’t know how to properly value the business. […]

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  • Why a Business Broker?

    business broker stress

    The Stress of Being Your Own Business Broker It’s long been said that buying a house and getting married are the most emotional experiences of our lives. However, anyone who has bought or sold a business knows that house buying and marriage pale in comparison to business buying and selling. Why not do it yourself? […]

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  • The What and How of Selling Your Business

    selling your business

    What are you trying to sell? Before selling your business, it’s a good idea to understand what your business is. Is it a small business for sale, are you wanting to sell an incorporated business, would selling your business assets be better than selling your business as an incorporated business and are there other elements […]

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